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Smithsonian Transcription Center

The Smithsonian Transcription Center engages the public in making our priceless collections more accessible. We work hand-in-hand with Digital Volunteers to transcribe historic documents and collection records to facilitate research and excite learning in audiences everywhere. Participants have the chance to transcribe a diverse array of collection materials drawn from Smithsonian holdings in science, history, art, and culture.

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Geographic Scope: World

Project Status: Active

Participation Tasks: Annotation, Classification or tagging, Data entry, Finding entities, Identification, Learning, Problem solving, Transcription,

Start Date: 2013-06-15

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Federal Government Sponsor:

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Other Federal Government Sponsor:

Fields of Science: Animals, Archeology and cultural, Astronomy and space, Biology, Birds, Pollinators/insects, Nature and outdoors

Intended Outcomes: Research development, Civic and community, Individual learning,