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Best Practices Guide for Library Air Sensor Loan Programs

There is currently limited material available to the public on how to use lower cost air sensors in community settings. This project will create curricula and training materials that can be used by non-technical staff in a school, library or other community setting to explain how the public can use sensors to collect data about air pollution in their neighborhood. EPA will compile a 'Best Practices' guide that draws on lessons learned from several EPA sponsored air sensor loan programs across the U.S. that pilot and evaluate an air sensor loan program. The guide will include sensor curriculum for youth and adults and other transferable materials like startup guides, a resource guide, and instructional videos for organizations starting their own air sensor loan program. A virtual 'science fair' event is planned that will bring together the community participants from different library loan programs to share lessons learned and user experiences.

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Geographic Scope: Multiple locations including Los Angeles in Region 9, tribal communities in Region 10, and rural and suburban communities in Region 5

Project Status: In Planning or Pending - recruiting volunteers

Participation Tasks: Data entry, Observation,

Start Date: Estimated launch 5/01/2021

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Fields of Science: Computers and technology, Education

Intended Outcomes: The goal of this project is to increase the number of air sensors available to communities, particularly in areas that might not otherwise have access to these tools, to build air pollution awareness and awareness around how to manage individual exposure to improve one's health and well-being.