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This searchable database provides a government-wide listing of citizen science and crowdsourcing projects designed to improve cross-agency collaboration, reveal opportunities for new high-impact projects, and make it easier for volunteers to find out about projects they can join.

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Catching up with an Angler and Citizen Scientist, Nick Milkovich
Thanks to You this Citizen Science Day
  • Thanks to You this Citizen Science Day

    By: John McLaughlin, Program Manager
    12 April 2018

    This Saturday is the third annual Citizen Science Day. The day “celebrates the work of citizen scientists and the diversity of citizen science projects across the world, encourages the public to get...

Celebrate National DNA Day with Citizen Science
  • Celebrate National DNA Day with Citizen Science

    By: Elizabeth Tuck, Genomics Education Specialist [C] at the National Human Genome Research Institute
    10 April 2018

    Genome is just a fancy word for all your DNA. Whether you realize it or not, many parts of our daily lives are influenced by genomic information and genomic technologies. Genomics now provides a powerful...

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