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Please Note

Projects must be conducted by or have support (funding or in-kind) from at least one U.S. federal agency to appear in the catalog.

To add a new project:

  1. Please check that the project is not already in the catalog by using the search feature.
  2. If it is not already in the catalog, enter and submit project information through the online submission form.

To edit a project already in the catalog:

  1. Email with "Project Edits" as the subject.
  2. State the name of the project and list the edits you want made in the body of the email.

Please be aware that each project submission or requested edit needs to be verified by the Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Coordinator(s) from the supporting agency(ies) before it is added to the catalog. This process may take a couple of weeks.

Thank you for the interest in helping expand and improve the project listings in our catalog!