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Agency Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Coordinators

The Agency Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Coordinators are a group of federal employees designated by their agency leaders to be the point people for advancing crowdsourcing and citizen science. The need for these Coordinators was articulated in a September 2015 memo from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to the heads of federal departments and agencies.

What the Agency Coordinators Do

Today, these coordinators are:

Agency Coordinators (as of 10/11/2018)    
Department of Agriculture Forest Service Michelle Tamez
Department of Agriculture USDA Jim Kahler
Department of Commerce Census Barbara A. Downs, Lorena Molina-Irizarry
Department of Commerce NIST Heather Evans
Department of Commerce NOAA Laura Oremland, John McLaughlin
Department of Defense DOD Dr. Richard Ames
Department of Education IES Ross Santy
Department of Energy DOE Carly Robinson
Department of Health and Human Services CDC Juliana Cyril
Department of Health and Human Services FDA Elaine Johanson, Amber Griffin
Department of Health and Human Services HHS Sandeep Patel
Department of Health and Human Services NIH Jennifer Couch, Katrina Theisz
Department of Homeland Security DHS Jim Grove
Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD Christopher Bourne
Department of Interior BLM Mara Alexander
Department of Interior FWS To Be Named
Department of Interior NPS Tim Watkins, Kris Barnes
Department of Interior USGS Sophia Liu, David Govoni
Department of Justice FBI David B. Smith
Department of State DOS Samuel B. Howerton
Department of State USAID Cameron D. Bess, Ph.D.
Environmental Protection Agency EPA Jay Benforado
Federal Communications Commission FCC Anne Levine
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency IARPA Ruthanna Gordon
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA Amy Kaminski
National Archives and Records Administration NARA Andrew Wilson, Suzanne Isaacs
National Science Foundation NSF Ellen McCallie
Smithsonian Institution SI Janet Abrams

Please email if you would like to be put in contact with one of these Coordinators.