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NOAA Summer Spotlight: Right Whale Sighting Advisory System

By: Christin B. Khan
02 August 2016

The Right Whale Sighting Advisory System is a NOAA Fisheries program which was designed to reduce collisions between ships and the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) by alerting mariners to the presence of the right whales. These reports are obtained from a variety of sources including aerial surveys, shipboard surveys, whale watch vessels, and opportunistic sources (Coast Guard, commercial ships, fishing vessels, and the general public).

By reporting opportunistic sightings of right whales, citizen scientists are shedding light on the distribution patterns of these endangered whales and aiding in conservation efforts. Folks out on the water are encouraged to keep watch for whales. When whales are observed, slow down and move away if it is safe to do so. Right whale sightings can be reported using the Whale Alert app or by calling 866-755-6622 (from VA to ME) or 877-WHALE-HELP (from FL to NC).#CitizenScience

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