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NOAA Summer Spotlight: MDMAP

By: Sherry Lippiatt
15 August 2016

The Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project, or MDMAP, is a citizen science initiative that engages NOAA partners and volunteers across the nation to survey and record the amount and types of marine debris on shorelines. Each passionate and dedicated partner in the MDMAP network selects a nearby shoreline monitoring site that they return to monthly to conduct surveys and submit meaningful data to NOAA’s MDMAP Database.

How big is the marine debris problem, and how is it changing over time? What types of debris are most common in your region? MDMAP data can help to answer these questions and can be used to guide marine debris policy development, education and outreach, and address important research questions. To date, more than 200 shoreline monitoring sites have been adopted by MDMAP participants.

For more information visit the Get Started Toolkit at: