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Monarch Butterfly Integrated Monitoring

This integrated monitoring effort gathers information associated with the Monarch population and habitat across the nation in order to help us assess the impact of threats to Monarchs, and to measure the effectiveness of conservation and management actions being taken to mitigate those threats. In order to adequately sample the monarch breeding range, this project includes potential monitoring sites distributed across federal, public, and privately administered lands. Successful completion of this effort requires a coordinated effort that includes multiple partners, non-government organizations, and the public to assist with the monitoring of key attributes about monarchs and leading factors that likely influence their population processes.

Project URL:

Geographic Scope:

Project Status: In Planning or Pending - not recruiting volunteers

Participation Tasks: Classification or tagging, Data entry, Identification, Measurement, Observation, Site selection and/or description, Specimen/sample collection,

Start Date: 2017-05-01

Project Contact:

Federal Government Sponsor:

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Other Federal Government Sponsor: DOI - USGS

Fields of Science: Biology, Ecology and environment, Pollinators/insects

Intended Outcomes: Research development, Conservation,