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Student Watershed Research Project

The Student Watershed Research Project involves high school students in the collection of stream monitoring data such as water quality samples, biological data, and physical observations. Monitoring occurs mostly near the Portland, Oregon metro area but is also scattered throughout Oregon and southwest Washington.

Project URL:

Geographic Scope: Regional (Portland, Oregon area)

Project Status: Active -not recruiting volunteers

Participation Tasks: Audio or video recording, Classification or tagging, Data analysis, Finding entities, Geolocation, Learning, Measurement, Observation, Sample analysis, Site selection and/or description, Specimen/sample collection,

Start Date: 1991

Project Contact:

Federal Government Sponsor:

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Other Federal Government Sponsor:

Name of Nonfederal Sponsors: Clean Water Services, Clackamas River Water District, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Tualatin River Watershed Council, Clackamas Water Environment Services, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, Pacific University, Portland State University

Fields of Science: Biology, Ecology and environment, Education, Nature and outdoors, Ocean/water and marine,

Intended Outcomes: Programmatic, Research development, Civic and community, Individual learning,