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HydroShare - community collaboration using hydrologic data and models

HydroShare is an online, collaborative Hydrologic Information System for sharing and collaborating around hydrologic data and models. You can use HydroShare to: (1) Save your data online and share them with other people; (2) Get credit for your data and models when they are cited by others; (3) Easily access hydrologic data and models shared by others; and (4) Collaborate with other people on hydrological research. HydroShare holds data and models in resources using standard file formats that can be annotated with metadata for interpretation and use by others. The system helps you easily edit and add metadata to fully describe your resources. You can control viewing and access permissions and users can comment on and rate shared resources. You can formally publish your resources with a permanent citable digital object identifier (DOI). Web applications support working with data in HydroShare, for visualization and analysis, without requiring software on a local computer. Citizen scientists can share and publish their data in HydroShare as well as use HydroShare to discover and access data in their area, or of interest to them.

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Geographic Scope: Primarily US, but data from anywhere may be entered

Project Status: Active - not recruiting volunteers

Participation Tasks: Data analysis, Data entry,

Start Date: 2012-07-01

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Fields of Science: Climate and weather, Computers and technology, Ecology and environment, Education, Geography, Geology and earth science

Intended Outcomes: Research development,