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Indiana Dunes National Park Chronolog Environmental Monitoring 

Visitors can become community scientists by taking photographs at five photo monitoring locations in the park and submitting them to a web-based system called Chronolog. In return, the visitor receives an e-mail with a description and a time lapse video of the restoration work, human or climate related change being monitored at that location. The photographs help the park and its partners monitor and share the story of landscape change as a result of these actions.

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Geographic Scope: Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana

Project Status: Active - recruiting volunteers

Participation Tasks: Geolocation, Learning, Observation, Photography,

Start Date: 04/01/2018

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Fields of Science: Biology, Climate and weather, Computers and technology, Ecology and environment, Education, Geography, Geology and earth science, Nature and outdoors, Ocean/water and marine

Intended Outcomes: Provide visitors a deeper understainding of the dynamic effect humans, nature and restoration work have on habitats at Indiana Dunes, and how they can help protect park resources.