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Urban Watch

The Urban Watch Program monitors storm drain outfalls during the dry weather months to help cities understand sources of pollution that may be impacting local creeks and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Volunteers perform field measurements for pH, temperature, and conductivity, and collect water samples that are then tested for ammonia, phosphate, chlorine and detergents using an EPA approved Storm Water Test Kit.

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Geographic Scope: Regional

Project Status: Active - not recruiting volunteers

Participation Tasks: Annotation, Data entry, Identification, Learning, Measurement, Observation, Problem solving, Sample analysis, Site selection and/or description, Specimen/sample collection,

Start Date: 5/1/1998

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Federal Government Sponsor:

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Fields of Science: Chemistry, Climate and weather, Ecology and environment, Education, Nature and outdoors, Ocean/water and marine, Science policy

Intended Outcomes: Programmatic, Research development, Civic and community, Individual learning,