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Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook (SIWO)

The Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook (SIWO) is a resource that aggregates observations made by local hunters, experts and scientist in order to better inform Alaska Native subsistence hunters, coastal communities, and others about the current state of sea ice and walrus populations. The SIWO issues a weekly report during the spring months between April and June in order to provide information about the sea ice conditions for walrus in both the Northern Bering Sea and the southern Chukchi Sea. SIWO is supported as part of the SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook initiative, which receives support from researchers at NOAA, the National Weather Service, the University of Alaska, and the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S, Alaska Native sea-ice experts and the Eskimo Walrus Commission.

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Geographic Scope: Regional

Project Status: Periodically active

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Start Date: 2010-04

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Fields of Science: Animals, Biology, Climate and weather, Ecology and environment, Food, Nature and outdoors, Ocean/water and marine

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